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We understand the need for every training programme and massage therapy to be customised to address your unique profile. You'll not only feel more powerful, you'll be empowered to do more - and be more.



As an advanced personal trainer with over 18 years of experience, my aim is to take you to an entirely different world of training at a professional level and ensure you achieve the results you want. My knowledge, experience and observation from the people I work with, allows me to confidently ensure you will achieve a 100% positive result, with a money-back guarantee.

At Star Gladiator, our primary goal is to effectively change our clients' lifestyles and make them truly self-motivated to carry on with their life positively and successfully. Last but not least, we are firmly aware that everything is related to the mind, with a philosophy to surround yourself with positive thoughts and the body will take care of itself.

Speciality Areas
  • Body fat reduction                      
  • Functional specialist
  • Muscle tone and development
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Sport specific training
  • Strength and conditioning

  • BSc Sport and Exercise Science (2:1)
  • LAO Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training and Business Planning
  • Level 2 Diploma in Instructing Exercise and Fitness
  • Certificate in coaching disabled people in sport
  • Emergency First Aid at Work

Our services

Personal Training and Therapies

Personal TrainingWe believe Personal Training is a physical, psychological and emotional experience where you first increase your level of base conditioning before progressing to increase physical and cognitive skills. Every training programme is customised to address your unique fitness profile. You'll not only feel more powerful, you'll be empowered to do more - and be more. Fully qualified, motivated and ready to ensure you achieve your personal fitness goals, our friendly Personal Training service will:Keep you motivated in and out of training sessionsDevise a tailor made fitness planStay in touch via email/phoneOffer informed advice on fitness and nutritionMonitor your safety to prevent injuryWe’ll support you – Whether you are simply looking for a general fitness regime, want to look good for the beach or are desperate to train for a marathon, we’ll make sure we know all about your goals for physical fitness and advise accordingly. 

Massage and Therapies

We offer a number of Massages and Therapies, all performed by qualified therapists within the comfort of your own home.Full Body Hot Stone MassageDuring a Hot stone massage, therapists put warmed stones on their clients’ bodies to relax muscles and soft tissues before (or after) a massage. You can enjoy the relaxing feel of the warm stones and may experience a variety of physical and emotional benefits. If your muscles are especially tight and painful, this extra treatment can make a positive difference in your massage therapy results.Full Body Deep Tissue Sports MassageA form of massage that involves the manipulation of soft tissue to benefit a person engaged in regular physical activity. A sports massage prior to and after exercise, is known to enhance performance, aid recovery and prevent injury.CuppingTraditional cupping is often described as “massage in reverse”. Instead of kneading down on the muscles, suction cups lift the tissue up. Benefits are known to include improved circulation to problem areas, which can aid to reduce stiffness, muscle cramps, remove scar tissue, and accelerate healing.